Crudos Levels – Sucursal Del Caos

It was founded as a city 450 years ago, but it has a longer story than that: it is the cradle of many heroes and warriors, the capital of love and hate, the city that you may look down on if you don’t know how to live it. This gesture that we have made is not enough to be considered a tribute to the city that lives and survives; the city that has fought many battles and still smiles at life. It’s unique weather and magic people –magic, because there, you can be tricked by anyone–.

Recording and mixing by Doktor Rheal.
Masterisation by Rial Guawankó
Beat by Domas.
Scratches by Doktor Rheal.
Cinematography by Malandro Photos.
Edited by Cuentos Del Caribe.
Produced by Caribes.